For both teachers and parents

  • Why do you time all the contests?

    Most Math League contests are designed to finish in 30 minutes, although you can adjust the time. Speed is an indicator of skill levels. If two kids solved the same problem, there is a big difference if one used 30 minutes and the other used 40 minutes. With timed drills, Math League Adaptive Learning System trains students to be quick, efficient problem solvers.

  • What should I do if a question has an error or the answer key is wrong?

    Math League Adaptive Learning System strives to provide the best math exercises for children. Despite our efforts, the programs may contain errors. If a child finds an issue, he/she should bring it to the parent's attention. After the parent confirmed the issue, the parent should report it to INFO@LTHOUGHTS.COM. Math League Adaptive Learning System will reply and address the problem. Your score may be adjusted. Math League Adaptive Learning System has a rewarding mechanism for users who report valid issues multiple times.

  • Why does the result show that I selected a different answer?

    The Math League Adaptive Learning System system displays what it received. There is a chance that the choice was changed before it was submitted. For example, in Microsoft Windows, after a user clicked answer A, answer A got the screen focus. If the user then accidentally pressed any of the arrow keys moving to the next question, the choice he just made would shift to B or D. It is a Microsoft Windows feature. It happens often to our young users who are still learning to use the mouse and the keyboard. A solution is to click away from the answer you just selected, so it no longer has the screen focus. To be sure, you should quickly review the choices you made before a submission.

  • How should I make payments to Math League Adaptive Learning System?

    You need to log in using the parent/teacher email. We accept credit cards through PayPal.

  • Can I get a preview of how these contests look like?

    The system offers seven sample contests to students, teachers, and parents.

  • What is your refund and change policy?

    You may contact INFO@LTHOUGHTS.COM to request a full refund or a change of program within the first week of the purchase. The message must be sent from the parent/teacher email. Math League Adaptive Learning System customer service will handle the change(s) and refund for you.

    Afterward, no refund or change is available.

  • What will happen if your Web site is down?

    The Math League Adaptive Learning System Web site is NOT guaranteed to be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although it has been largely stable in the past, the site may go down temporarily due to calamitous weather or a technical problem. We encourage you to work on your contests early in the purchase period, so you do not rely on the last day and the last hour to finish your contests.

    When you cannot access the Web site, please also check if you can access other public web sites, such as and, to ensure that your computer has a good Internet connection. Otherwise, you need to contact your Internet service provider for the problem.

    Math League Adaptive Learning System always does its best to get the web site back online as soon as possible when an outage happens. For more information, please visit the Terms of Use about our policy.

  • Report a problem or suggestions

    We strive to make your math learning experience fun and worthwhile. Please write to us at INFO@LTHOUGHTS.COM if you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you.

  • Why the 6th grade contests from 1979-1980 thru 1985-1986 are titled Elementary Grades Contests?

    During that period of time, we (Math League) did not have separate contests for grades 4, 5, & 6. Instead we had one contest for grade 6 that we called Elementary Grades Contest. Many students in 4th and 5th grade also took these contests, although they were very difficult for younger students since they were based on the 6th grade curriculum.

  • What is the cost for parents to use Math League Adaptive Learning System?

    $19.98 per child for a 6-month period or $35.96 per child for a 12-month period.

  • I've registered at Math League Adaptive learning system and created homework - Both Manual and System generated. But I'm not able to take the homework. When I go to Create Homework & History tab, I've the option to VIEW history of created homeworks, but I don't have option to take the homework. It has only view and delete option. Also when I go to repository of questions, I don't have option to take the homework. Please let me know, how to take the homework in this system.

    Please log in using the account of your kid, and go to the page to take the homework. Your kid can also go to the "Contests" page under "Repository of Questions" to take the actual contest.